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What is LLP-Erasmus?

The European Commission has integrated a number of initiatives under a single umbrella termed Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). LLP replaces the former Socrates programme. Within the LLP, the ERASMUS subprogramme is responsible for higher education.

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One of the aspects covered by the ERASMUS programme is student mobility between European universities.

The programme supports ONE study abroad period per student organized as exchanges lasting from a minimum of three to a maximum of 12 months.

Students can only apply for an exchange programme with institutions that have signed bilateral agreements with the Facultad de Informática.

The European Union provides monthly student grants that are topped up by state or regional governments or universities. The exact amount offered every year is not known in advance. The student receives this amount directly through their university in two or three payments.

Students must pay the academic enrolment fees at their sending institution and are exempt from fees abroad.

Foreign universities usually offer accommodation in their halls of residence. For more information, contact the people responsible for the Erasmus programme at the university of your choice.

The Facultad de Informática usually recognizes student academic activities abroad in accordance with learning agreements entered into before students leave.

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