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Other postgraduate studies

Master's degree courses

The Master in Software Project Leadership and Management focuses on training students in a set of project management competences aimed at defining the cost, time, resources and scope of the project. It also provides training in technical competences beyond merely applying software development artefacts. Software professionals use these competences to compare, select and identify the application conditions of the different software development techniques and tools, as well as to determine the adequacy and quality of the work completed by the project team members.

Instructional objectives: Our students will acquire the knowledge and skills required to successfully undertake the leadership, governance and strategic management of ICT in modern organizations. Additionally, they will develop efficient technological project and ICT service management skills governed by widely accepted standards and best practices, such as the balanced scoreboard, ITIL and COBIT frameworks, the CMMi model and the PMBOK project management guide.

Business also needs to control, measure and weigh up the potential risks to which its systems are exposed, comply with the applicable laws and regulations, constantly check up on system status and have room for manoeuvre to respond to any contingency in order to generate confidence.
The aim of these master's course is to train professionals to conduct COMPUTER SYSTEMS AUDITING.

The business world's need to protect its computer systems against the innumerable threats to which they are exposed and society's need to know that the systems it uses are secure calls for well-trained professionals, capable of implementing security mechanisms in line with the required level of protection, generating enough confidence to advance in the information society.
The MASTER OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS SECURITY analyses all areas of knowledge affecting computer systems security: physical, logical, communications, legal issues, etc.

The Master in Business Management and Consultancy is a programme targeting degree holders and professionals, irrespective of the sector in which they work, who are interested in gaining a more global and strategic view of corporations, best practices and success factors in the international business environment in which they operate.
The aim of this master's degree is to  equip professionals interested in the field of consultancy with solid training and the requisite competences in business knowledge areas ranging from strategy, finances, human resources, operations, marketing, supply chain, project management and application and information technologies.
The content of this master's degree has been split into two divisions. One focuses on the development of management skills, that is, targets the personal development of professionals, and the other addresses the development of company-focused business management skills.

The Master in Information and Communications Systems and Technology Management has been taught since 1994 for public administration employees during which time it has catered for over 600 students. It is now open to all engineers, managers and directors from the private and public sectors that would like to further their career by training in ICT. Prospective students should be holders of a university degree. The aim of this master's degree is to develop ICT management, leadership and planning skills and abilities required by students to successfully rise to the challenges faced by engineers, managers and directors in both the public and private sectors.

Specialization courses