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Doctoral Degree in Advanced Computing for Science and Engineering


This programme is intended to supply laboratories and research centres with trained research support personnel in fields where computer-based simulation and modelling is essential, such as the aerospace sector or scientific fields like biotechnology (genomics, proteomics, neuroscience) or materials science (nanotechnology, etc.) where Spain has a prominent position. Graduates of the doctorate programme should:

Prospective Students

The Advanced Computing for Science and Engineering Doctorate Programme targets engineering, experimental sciences and mathematics graduate students and professionals. The programme also targets students from multidisciplinary studies, like bioinformatics, computational neuroscience or similar.

Students should have:

Profiles for ICT graduates:
  • Master in Advanced Computing for Science and Engineering
  • Licenciado1 in Computing
  • Ingeniero1 in Computing
  • Ingeniero Técnico2 in Management Systems
  • Ingeniero Técnico2 in Computer Systems
  • Ingeniero Técnico2 Superior in Telecommunications 
  • Ingeniero Técnico2 in Telecommunications
  • Ingeniero Técnico2 Superior in Industrial Engineering
  • Ingeniero Técnico2 in Industrial Engineering
Profile for other engineering/science graduates:
  • Ingeniero Técnico Superior1 or Ingeniero Técnico2 in Aeronautical, Civil, Materials Engineering or similar
  • Licenciado1 in Mathematics, Physics or other experimental sciences
  • Licenciado1 in Biology, Medicine or other Bio-Health specialities
  • Licenciado1 in Economics


Contact person

Administrative Officer: Carmen Parro 91 3367387

Coordinator:Ángel Rodríguez 91 336 73 71


How much does this master's degree cost?

You can check public prices for 2012-2013 academic year here.


There is a wide range of grants available to students to fund their studies.


To gain admission to the Doctoral Degree in Advanced Computing for Science and Engineering, students must register online.


1 Licenciado, Ingeniero and Ingeniero Técnico Superior are two-cycle, five-year degree courses.
2 Ingeniero Técnico and Diplomado are one-cycle, three-year degree courses.