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Students laser printer

There is a high-capacity laser printer available for use by students to print documents.

Understandably this is not a service that can be run gratuitously. The cost is high and some sort of charges have to be made. Students that would like to use this service should purchase cash cards from the Publications Service to use the printer.

Each printed page will be charged at a rate equivalent to what it costs the Facultad de Informática to provide paper and printer maintenance. The set fee is 0.07 € per page.

The goal of this service is for students to be able to print learning-related documents. It should never be used as a means for printing general-purpose documents. Students breaching this rule will be no longer entitled to use the service.

To manage the service, the printer is accompanied by UnipriNT driver software.

To use this service:

Postscript printer

  1. Send your print-outs to this printer from your workstation (PC or multi-user system). Most systems will call the printer "laser" (in systems running Windows NT, due to system particularities, it will be called "Laser_PS in mel-g").

  2. You will only be able to print from PCs if you have logged on using your personal network account (krusty). You should print from the programs used to create the documents  (WORD, EXCEL, etc.). Therefore, you will be able to print any type of document for which you have the right program.

  3. You will only be able to print text, Postscript or PDF documents from Unix or VMS machines,  as there is no type of document pre-processing in this case and they are the only formats the printer understands. The printing commands are:

    • Unix: lpr -Plaser DOCUMENTO
    • VMS: laser DOCUMENTO
  4. The print-outs will not appear immediately but will queued in the system.

  5. Users will have to log on and enter their cash card using a dedicated PC (on the ground floor of building 4). The system will supply a list of all queued print jobs and information on the cost of each document, how much system credit students have and the balance that will be added to the available credit, if they have entered a cash card. Users can choose to print or delete each of the documents in the queue. Only the print-outs sent to the printer will be "charged" to the balance. To be able to get your print-outs, you will need to have a PC network access account (krusty). Generic work station accounts (e.g. scooby27) are of no use.

  6. Important: The printer station does not always recognize the Postscript language that this printer uses properly (especially when you use the "print more than one page per sheet" option). We recommend that you check the cost of the printing job before you send it to the physical printer. If it does not match the number of pages you really sent, then use the PCL printer.

  7. The print-outs will appear immediately in the trays of any of the printers next to the dedicated print-out request PC.

    Take into account printer warm-up and document processing time, which, in the case of some PDF documents containing illustrations, can be sizeable.

PCL printer

  1. Unlike the above, this printer uses the PCL 5 printer language. This language obviates some of the problems with the above printer.

  2. This printer is only available for the PC network (listed as Laser_PCL). Therefore the Unix and VMS will not be able to use it.

  3. The procedure is otherwise the same as described for the Postscript printer. Jobs sent by users to any of the printers will appear at the printing station.

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