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Students laptop network

The Computer Centre offers a private laptop network connection service for students.

Students can use this service to connect any laptop with a wired (10/100 BaseTx) or wireless (802.11b) network adaptor to an independent laptop network. This network will be completely separate from the other Facultad de Informática networks.

For it to work properly, define the TCP/IP protocol of the adaptors you are going to use for automatic DHCP configuration.

Private IP addresses in the range "10.10.1.*" will be assigned. These are addresses that are not defined in the DNS. The wireless identifier for this service (SSID) is "FIWIFI".

To make for a universal service, this network will have no "protection" mechanism, and users will be responsible for activating any security policies (firewall, etc.) they consider necessary to defend themselves against other users of the same network.

This notwithstanding the conditions of use are the same as for any other Facultad de Informática network. These conditions are set out in the Rules for software resources use. The prohibition to distribute copyrighted material and cause intentional damage to other network users are especially applicable.

This network can be used to link the connected machines, but there is no direct access to the other Facultad de Informática networks. This is for security reasons, as it is unacceptable for anyone with a laptop to be able to access the network without a login mechanism.

To enable students to access Facultad de Informática networks in a controlled manner and use this service to work on the practical assignment computers, hand in assignments, access their APU user directories, the library catalogue, etc., they should use the "VPN Access" service to login to the Facultad de Informática's network.

This other service and its operation are described under  Servicess - WiFi and  Services - VPN Acceso Remember that when you start a VPN session from this private network, the VPN server will be "". As described in the VPN access section, after making your VPN connection, you will be assigned an IP address in the Facultad de Informática range and will have access to the other networks.

LOGS are kept of the connections made by each user and their assigned IP addresses. This way, we will be able to identify service abuses and take whatever steps are necessary.

The network access points are:

Computer Centre