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Certificates and Transcripts


A certificate is an official document, bearing the signature of the institution's Registrar and the seal of the Facultad de Informática.

Certificate application forms should be submitted to the Registry. Students shall have to pay the respective fee, regulated by Madrid's Regional Government, into one of the listed banks.

There are certificates of enrolment and official transcripts of grades.

Certificates shall be ready for collection within five working days.

Certificates shall be collected by the student or other person authorized in writing and in possession of a photocopy of the student's ID card.

Academic record:

Students can apply to the Registry for an unofficial transcript containing a summary of their academic record. Their academic record contains the examinations of all the subjects students have enrolled for, as well as the students' personal particulars and academic achievement (basically the course units passed).

Students should fill in and submit the respective application form to the Registry. There is no charge for academic records. Students will be able to collect the academic record on the following day.

UPM Academic Record:

This academic record contains the same information as the free academic record but serves UPM internal purposes only.

This type of academic record will be necessary for formalities where proof of a student's academic record is required by any UPM institution or the UPM Administration.