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Global Business iWinter and Feb-Jun Semester 2023

Anuncio. Enviado por orex válido desde 05/10/2022 hasta 03/11/2022 (caducado)

iWinter January 2023:



Regarding semester courses:


As we mentioned in the “Call for Applications” email, we are glad to inform you that we have our course catalog for spring 2023, you can look through this link Course Catalog Spring 2023and find the syllabus of each course.  


IMPORTANT!.Please consider that most of our courses in English are from the 1st to the 3rdyear of our bachelor's program, so we will appreciate it if you can guide your students to review the catalog carefully in order to avoid any confusion in their course selection. 


We are now working on Tec 21 Modelwhich is a challenge-based learning educational model which develops competencies that will enable students to face up the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century creatively and strategically. You can look an example of a class schedule at the end of my email (and in our FACT SHEET ) 

We appreciate to consider the following tips: 

·        Full academic load at Tec is 18 credits (the maximum credits students can enroll in) 

o   We will attempt enrolling the credits that you already confirmed in the nomination form per student. 

·        At this time, students must confirm with their Home University the courses they will be able to take. 

o   Remember that there may be changes due to capacity per course or schedule overlaps between the other courses that will be enrolled, it is important to be prepared for it. The more courses the students find to enroll in, the better. 

o   Do not forget to confirm the campus and the language in which the courses will be taught 

·        Later, students will receive information from us to confirm the courses they reviewed with their Home University. 

o   The students can receive different instructions or information depending on the Campus where they were nominated 

·        We share more information in our FACT SHEET 





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