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empresa: Caterva

Anuncio. Enviado por colfi válido desde 13/02/2014 hasta 15/03/2014 (caducado)

Desde la empresa Caterva nos solicitan publiquemos:

13 month placements for students in computer science (CS), computer engineering (CE) or electrical engineering (EE)
These placements start July 2014 and end August 2015
Caterva is a high-tech start-up company, well-funded, and run by experienced entrepreneurs. Their headquarters are in Pullach, a 15 minute commute from central Munich. The atmosphere of a start-up company is dynamic and exciting. So Caterva are looking for extraordinary, smart people, who relish a challenge and have a can-do attitude. If you have ambitions to run your own business in the future, this may be THE placement for you!
These are not placements that will suit all Students. Being a start-up, the environment will be challenging, initiative and independent working will be key, and expectations will be high.   Entrepreneurial Students, the ones who may already be saying “I’d like to start my own business” are the most likely to thrive!

Excellent salaries and working conditions are on offer.

Full details are attached, and can be found online here:

Job description -

Poster for your noticeboard: