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International Summer University programmes

University of Tartu

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Spend your summer at a university ranked in the top 1.2% of the world’s best universities. The University of Tartu in Estonia welcomes you to International Summer University. Gain an international academic experience from one of the oldest and most distinguished universities in the Baltic States. We welcome applications from all adults including university students, professionals and other expert . (...seguir leyendo)




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LUT Summer School

15 July-9 August 2019

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We invite you to join the LUT Summer School and gain an in-depth understanding of contemporary, relevant topics in business and technology, all the while experiencing the beauty of Finland in the summer! The LUT Summer School is a four-week academic event offering intensive Master's and Bachelor's-level courses in the field of technology and business. More information is available at: . (...seguir leyendo)


Summer courses 2019

University of Porto

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It is with great satisfaction that we present the University of Porto’s 2019 Summer Courses catalogue.In this edition, you will be able to discover an opportunity to update your knowledge, provided by a diverse number of short-term courses, which will certainly be an innovative learning experience, covering multiple areas of knowledge and intended for different audiences, age groups and profession . (...seguir leyendo)


Erasmus+ Internship in the Montanuniverstiaet International Relations Office


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ERASMUS+ INTERNSHIP: INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OFFICE   General information     Duration: 2-12 months      Commitment: fulltime     Receiving Institution: Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria Description:   MIRO is looking for an open-minded, reliable and motivated Erasmus+ intern to support our team! As an intern in MIRO, you will work in the exciting and elective field of international relat . (...seguir leyendo)


Bayreuth International Summer School

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The Bayreuth International Summer School 2019 consists of eight different courses held over the same time  period. All courses are conducted in English by international visiting professors and will take place over a period of two weeks in July. Participants have the opportunity to theoretically and practically engage in various seminars and discussions for around 6 hours a day, learning and workin . (...seguir leyendo)