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Vice Director for Internationalization



Phone: 91 067 27 14

David Pérez del Rey
Associate Dean
Office 3335 - Building 3

María Navarro García
Internationalization Programme
Office 3334 - Building 3


The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid's Facultad de Informática is one of Spain's most prestigious  and  one of Europe's leading higher education institutions offering degrees in informatics engineering.  The institutional relations that it has forged ever since its conception with some of Europe's most eminent educational institutions, through either the European LLP-ERASMUS exchange network or  special-purpose double degree agreements, are a clear indication of its international ambitions. Also, the Facultad de Informática is a partner of other international networks and programmes like ERASMUS-MUNDUS, Magalhães-SMILE, GE4, the Spanish-Chinese Programme, GOYA-MUNDUS, ATHENS, VULCANUS, etc.

This office deals with the Facultad de Informática's international institutional and academic relations and runs the External Relations Office responsible for the administration of mobility programmes.


It is a real pleasure for me to welcome all you students, lecturers or university staff that have decided to visit and share part of your academic and/or professional life with us.

Our philosophy is grounded on the concept of universality, leading us to regard higher education as a universe of knowledge, socialization and cultivation.

Our goals are to encourage the mobility of this institution's students and staff, build bridges with other overseas universities and make internationalization a way of life.

For this reason, we focus our efforts on encouraging mobility, sojourns and integration, and communication between all our exchange visitors and our students and staff, as well as between those of our students and staff that opt for an exchange at any of our partner institutions.

Internationalization is not just a source of knowledge at the academic level, it is also a tool for improving our understanding of other cultures and languages, of encouraging cooperation and friendship.

To those of you that are already here, I hope you enjoy your exchange.

To those of you that are thinking about an exchange, I encourage you to give it try.