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Doctorate procedures


Students should enrol online at the Virtual Technical University or at the Facultad de Informática's Registry.

Students that are not holders of the UPM student's card shall have to apply to the Registry for the card before enrolling and submit the duly completed card with a photograph of the applicant affixed when they enrol.

Student's cards issued in previous academic years are valid for the duration of the course.

Attendance certificate, research proficiency examination, diploma of advanced studies certificate (DEA)

After completing the taught period, students that have passed all the course units shall be entitled to apply for a certificate of attendance.

After completing the research period, doctoral candidates shall have to defend their research proficiency before an examination board to earn research proficiency. To do so, they shall have to enrol for the respective examination.

Students that pass the above examination shall be eligible for the Diploma of Advanced Studies certificate.

Doctoral thesis supervision

Students that have completed both teaching and research periods shall have to pay a doctoral thesis supervision fee as of when they apply for approval of their doctoral research proposal. This fee entitles students to use the Facultad de Informática's facilities and services, have their academic records maintained and, consequently, retain student status.

European Doctorate mention

Students should apply to have the Doctor Europaeus label attached to their doctoral degree certificate before they defend their thesis. To apply, students shall have to submit the following documents:

Doctoral thesis defence

Application for doctoral degree certificate

After defending their doctoral thesis and before submitting their application for their doctoral degree certificate, candidates should apply to the Library for a piece of paper stating that they have no books on loan.

Public prices

(Decree 99/2087 of 17 July, published in the Official Journal of Madrid's Regional Government (BOCM) on 22/07/2008)