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Navigation Guide

Home Page

The home page outlines the website contents, specifying for each primary navigational section (Structure, Campus, Courses, etc.), the secondary sections that are of greatest interest or most frequently accessed by website users. Like the primary sections, the secondary sections are links.

At the top there is a bar containing links of particular interest for specific audiences: Prospective Students, Staff, Current Students and International Students.

Both the Spanish and English version (coming soon) provide access to the Site Map, webmaster contact information and the website search engine.

On the right-hand side of the home page, there is a vertical bar containing notices of potential interest to the higher education community. The central bar announces events due to take place at the Facultad de Informática, like talks, seminars, conferences, etc., as well as the latest Facultad de Informática news.

Accessibility note: This layout corresponds to a visualization without style sheets and not the logical reading order (contents, events, news and announcements) due to a page layout problem that we hope to solve shortly.

Structure and Navigation

The internal pages of the website are organized by contents and are not divided by the organizational units that produce the pages. The contents structure is outlined on the Home Page and detailed in the Site Map.

Each page has a navigation route (like, for example, Home > Structure > Executive Committee) to indicate the current position. The preceding sections in this route are links to the respective section page. The menu on the left-hand side of the page highlights the primary section to which the page belongs and gives an overview of the sections in this category.

A common styles sheet is used for all internal pages. This guarantees that webpage elements are presented consistently across the website. This way users can easily identify link headings, for example, which are always highlighted. Accessibility was another goal of special importance in the design of this website.

Links to pages outside the Facultad de Informática's main website are specified as such. Distinctions are made between links to an internal Facultad de Informática server and links to a page of any other external server:

Accessed links do not open in new browser windows, and it is up to the user to decide whether to open a link in another window or tab. The same applies to font size or image visualization. Most popular browsers offer these options, and we prefer users to be able to use their browser consistently from one website to another instead of having to learn website-specific mechanisms to activate such options.

Also familiar icons are used to denote links to documents and/or files in specific formats as specified below:

The use of a Style Guide and regular revisions of access statistics and suggestions assure that consistency is maintained across new and modified contents.

All these features and the underlying philosophy are the fruit of the hard work of the people at the Facultad de Informática that have helped to produce the website.

Keyboard shortcuts

The following shortcuts give regular users faster access to the website's main points of interest:

To access these shortcuts, use your browser's key combination for accessing keyboard shortcuts. See the wikipedia entry on Access Keys.

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