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Caching Proxy Server

Users can use the WWW caching proxy service to set up their Web browser to redirect WWW server accesses through the caching proxy server instead of going directly to the actual page location. The caching proxy server is responsible for providing the requested page, either from cache or by accessing the original document directly.

As many users share the server, the requested page is highly likely to be found on the caching proxy server, resulting in a reduction of external accesses. This way is it possible to optimize both available bandwidth usage, and the time it takes for the requested page to be displayed on the user's screen.

The Facultad de Informática's Computer Centre has set up a caching proxy service at proxy.fi.upm.es with a 60Gb dedicated disk that listens at port 8080. This server is maintained in conjunction with the RedIRIS WWW caching service.

To be able to use this service all you have to do is set up your Web browser to use an automatic configuration sequence with path http://www.fi.upm.es/cache.pac or define the above machine and port as your caching proxy server.

Server use is absolutely user transparent. The most users will notice is an improvement in response times when the cache search has been successful.

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