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Master in Informatics Engineering Subjects

Leadership and Managment Module

Software Engineering Economics

Project Management

Strategic Planning

Computer Technologies Module

Information Systems Assessment and Assurance Unit

Information Systems Assessment and Assurance

Intelligent Systems Design Unit

 Intelligent Data Analysis

Intelligent Systems

Distributed Systems and Networks Design and Management Unit

Network Design and Security

Advanced Operating Systems

Interactive Systems Design Unit

Interactive Systems

 Computer Graphics

Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems Unit

Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems

 Information Systems Design

Database Management

Advanced Software Engineering

 Computing for Science and Engineering

Computing for Science and Engineering

Specialized Computing Module

Distributed Systems and Services Unit

Cloud Computing and Big Data Ecosystems Design

Big Data

Cloud Infrastructure and Platform

Mobile Applications Development

Parallel and Distributed Programming

Network Security Software Development

Human-Computer Interaction Unit
Artificial Intelligence Unit

Social Computing and Multiagent Systems

Linguistic Engineering

Information Integration and Retrieval

Semantic Interoperability and Languages

Decision-Making Model Mining


Soft Computing

Scientific Computing Unit
IT Management, Innovation and Business Unit

Innovation Management

IT Business

IT Business Management

Financial Management

IT Governance and Management

Personal Relations and Communication Skills

Practicum Module


Master's Project Module

 Master's Project