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Optional Subjects

Course Unit: Optional Subjects
Department: Interdepartmental
No. ECTS credits: 42
Semester: 7-8
Type: Optional

Learning outcomes

For optional subjects:

For both the practicum and international mobility:

For the practicum:

For international mobility:

Brief description of contents

  1. Application domains (Examples: Cryptography, Digital Signal Processing, Multimedia and Computer Graphics, Music, Mathematics and Informatics, Computer Perception and Robotics, etc.)
  2. Technologies (Examples: Information Security, Computer Networks, Human-Computer Interaction, Semantic Web, Geographical Information Systems, etc.)
  3. Potential Solutions (Examples: Partial Differential Equations, Fourier Analysis, Stochastic Processes, Optimization and Control, Fuzzy Systems, Game Theory, Adaptive Computing Systems, Advanced Algorithms, etc.)
  4. Borders and Bounds of Mathematics and Informatics (Examples: Dynamic Systems, Machine Learning, Computability Theory, Chaos and Fractals, Computational Algebra, Quantum Computing, etc.)

Recommended Reading

To be determined in each subject.