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Code of Conduct for Computer Use

The Facultad de Informática's computer resources are designed to help Facultad de Informática members, including professors, administrative and services staff and students, to do their jobs.

You should never attempt to use or access computer resources assigned to another person by any means. It is strictly prohibited for you to access and use any user account not explicitly assigned to you by the Facultad de Informática.

Subscribers must first gain permission to use Facultad de Informática resources. Subscription to this service implies that you are authorized to use all or part of the Facultad de Informática's resources. In the process of subscription, you will be assigned a user account and password. Both are for the services subscriber's use only.

Account owners are directly responsible for everything done in their name. They should not disclose the password associated with each of their user accounts to anyone, nor should they store it on any other computer or on any electronic or other media.

All users are expected to choose and use passwords designed to comply with minimum security requirements. To do this, we suggest that you consult and apply the instructions set out in the Computer Centre recommendations on this point.

Nobody should in any way undermine the integrity, operation or availability of the computers, software and information stored on any of the machines in the Facultad de Informática's network. Software means all programs, routines, procedures and dependent documentation that could be part of any networked machine, including all personal computers and workstations.

Actions by any users that do not take appropriate steps to prevent  harmful software (viruses, sniffers, etc.) being installed and executed on the machines to which they have access is considered an attack on the integrity of the Facultad de Informática's computer systems.

The same code of conduct shall be apply to the information stored on computer systems as to information processed according to traditional procedures. The fact that you are able to take an action does not mean that your are authorized to do so. Examining user files contained in a hard disk or any other storage media is equivalent to going to through someone's desk or filing cabinet. Searching for unprotected files on a multi-user system falls into the same category.

Even though you can send information over the network, it is not to be used to send libellous, offensive, obscene or abusive material.

Users shall not interfere or try to interfere in any way with information belonging to another user. Similarly, users shall not make unauthorized copies of another user's information.

Users shall not copy or use any software and/or any hard copy of data or information that has come into their possession through the Facultad de Informática's computer and communications resources but has not been explicitly delivered to or is not owned by the user without the permission of the Facultad de Informática or the legal owner of the software.

Users undertake not to breach the copyright of any documentation and/or software. Users undertake not to use the Facultad de Informática's computer and communication resources to publish and disclose obscene, libellous or offensive material that could breach the legal rights of third parties.

Each member of the Facultad de Informática may use the software and information supplied by the Facultad de Informática subject to their obligations and for educational, training or professional purposes only. Users shall be considered to be bound by all the use and exploitation agreements and licences for software available at the Facultad de Informática and supplied by external sources.

Users shall not take any action that could directly or indirectly compromise the Facultad de Informática's good name.

Provided they are authorized to do so, users shall be entitled to access external computer resources through the links established for this purpose only.  In this case, users undertake to comply with the use policy applicable to the external resources they access.

Not only do these rules apply to users of the Computer Centre's general services, but all Facultad de Informática departments and laboratories shall also have to conform to this policy.

Departments and laboratories should pay special attention to the management and running of all their computers, as, irrespective of whether they delegate these functions, they alone are responsible for this equipment.

Anyone who violates this Code of Conduct for Computer Use shall, in so doing, be subject to the disciplinary and/or criminal procedures established by the Facultad de Informática, UPM and/or applicable criminal law.

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