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Doctoral Degree in Artificial Intelligence


The aim of the UPM's Doctoral Degree in Artificial Intelligence is to familiarize students of computational science and computing technology with research techniques and empower them to solve new scientific and technological problems through artificial intelligence research. Apart from this overall aim, the programme has an additional goal proper to the content and purpose of the degree, and the programme is driven by the innovate to research + research to innovate binomial. The first aim suggests innovative lines of research that are able to combine specialized training with the creativity underlying original, active and fertile research paths. The second targets creativity in research-driven problem-solving.

This process will end with students producing and defending a doctoral thesis.

The objectives of the doctoral programme are to:

Prospective students

The UPM's Doctoral Degree in Artificial Intelligence targets students interested in attaining the above objectives. More precisely, it targets students interested in learning more about research techniques for scientific and technological problem solving through artificial intelligence research.

Admission profiles (academic requirements)
Applicants should be holders of degrees in informatics:
  • UPM Research Master in Artificial Intelligence
  • Licenciado1 in Informatics Engineering
  • Ingeniero1 in Informatics Engineering
  • Ingeniero Técnico2 in Management Systems
  • Ingeniero Técnico2 in Computer Systems
or similar:
  • Ingeniero Técnico Superior1 in Telecommunications
  • Ingeniero Técnico2 in Telecommunications
  • Ingeniero Técnico Superior1 in Industrial Engineering
  • Ingeniero Técnico2 in Industrial Engineering
  • Licenciado1 in Mathematics, Physics or any informatics specialization
In conformance with the adaptation of degree programmes to comply with the Bologna declaration, students shall be required to be in possession of the undergraduate qualifications that replace or are equivalent to the above.


Contact person

Jacinto González 91 336 74 33



How much does this master's degree cost?

You can check public prices for 2012-2013 academic year here.


There is a wide range of grants available to students to fund their studies.


To gain admission to the Doctoral Degree in Artificial Intelligence, students must register online.

1 Licenciado, Ingeniero and Ingeniero Técnico Superior are two-cycle, five-year degree courses.
2 Ingeniero Técnico and Diplomado are one-cycle, three-year degree courses.