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Wireless (WiFi) network

The Facultad de Informática has a wireless (WIFI) network containing 35 access points providing almost total coverage inside the Facultad de Informática's buildings.

Although the Facultad de Informática deployed the original WiFi network, the UPM later undertook a project, as part of the Eduroam international mobility initiative (http://www.eduroam.es), to substantially extend the UPM's network deployment and provide global coverage at all institutions. For this reason, we have reached an agreement with the UPM Administration to set up a single WiFi network on which several access services will be deployed, including one which will be authenticated at the Facultad de Informática.

The two access services that are now running and advertised as different WiFi networks are: FIWIFI, on the one hand, and Eduroam and wifiupm, on the other.


WiFi Room

This is the Facultad de Informática-authenticated access service operating on UPM access points. This is an open network, and all users are responsible for looking after their computer security and integrity.

After connection, users have access to a private network that is completely isolated from the outside world. This network is composed of WiFi computers and computers connected to the wired network in the student laptop areas.

If you want to gain access to the Facultad de Informática's network or the Internet you have two options:

1. Connect to the Facultad de Informática's captive portal. To set up this connection all you have to do is request a web page from your browser. Your request will be redirected to a web page with a login prompt. After correctly entering your Facultad de Informática user name and password (the one you use to access computer suite computers), you will be redirected to a web page indicating that you have connected correctly. System logon validation is the same as for VPN Access. Therefore, if you have not already done so, you should follow the same application procedure.

From here you can now browse to whatever you page you like. Try not to lose the above page. This way, when you want to log off, all you have to do is click on End session and exit.

Remember that only the following types of traffic are permitted if you use this service:

If you want to make connections other than the above, you should use the alternative VPN connection.

2. Use a VPN connection through the Facultad de Informática's tunnel server. In this case, the user and user's IP address are identified and the tunnelled communications are encrypted.


This network uses the UPM Administration login validation system and is part of the international mobility project called Eduroam. It is available at all UPM institutions.

Eduroam is an international mobility project that the UPM has joined. Any member organization can use the network infrastructures of any of the other member organizations. Authentication in Eduroam is through EAP-TTLS/PAP (and, therefore, a server digital identity certificate has to be installed). Communications are WPA encrypted.

It can be used on software installed for WIFIUPM use, as this connection is preconfigured.

For more information about how to connect, see the UPM's web page: eduroam


As of 1 April 2011, this network uses the UPM Administration 802.1X-mediated authentication system. It is also available at all UPM institutions and all UPM members are advised to use it.

In wifiupm users are authenticated when they connect to the network. They need to have installed the Juniper 802.1X supplicant, available to all UPM members from Virtual Technical University.

If you have not yet downloaded the software and you do not have access to any other internet connection, you can download the software from the InvitadosUPM (UPMGuests) network via the Virtual Technical University link (at the bottom of the welcome page).

For more information on downloading the supplicant and how to connect, see Tools -> Software -> Network Services -> WIFIUPM wireless network at Virtual Technical University.

InvitadosUPM (UPMGuests)

This network is for guests that do not have wifiUPM or eduroam access (you will have to enter credentials). From this network you can also access Virtual Technical University if your machine is not configured for WIFIUPM or eduroam. This way you do not have to use another machine to download software and consult settings. To do this, select the Virtual Technical University link at the bottom of the screen.

Computer Centre